thought this was a useful infographic

very useful!

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Annie Clark. The One.

annie baby


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yh it’s a thursday night and yh I decided this was an appropriate reason for putting glitter all over my face


ahahhaha I’m doing 4 interviews with comedians tomorrow and I literally can’t remember how to interview people or how to use a radio studio or just, well, anything. I’m interviewing Tom Stade as well and he’s been on the telly and isn’t really all that funny tbh


Notebooks by Palas Pandıras on Tumblr


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currants2 by Sarah Ryhanen on Flickr.

:( Freshair got Josie Long for an interview! but I’ll be at bloody beacons so I can’t do it :’(

Finally gonna start Utopia series 2!! Going to attempt to revise whilst watching it, which could be interesting. Then it’s time to make a little papier mache baseball cap, obvs

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If I’d have known that the lanyards were gonna be orange I wouldn’t have gone for green nails today gawd! Also the first thing I have to review is physical theatre… Help!!