David Lynch does the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

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Not sure the silver/grey thing is gonna work for me this time. I’ve read too much about it on the internet and now I’m sure it’s not going to work. Going to try it though, just put it on and leave it on for ages and keep using silver shampoo and stuff and maybe try it again soon if it doesn’t work today. I’m far too unfussed about my hair to actually get the colour I want, oops



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Hey pals! which silver shampoo should I get? I was recommended touch of silver but I’m not sure which one. (silver sensations? weekly treatment? daily maintenance?) I don’t use product on my hair every time I wash, as I only properly wash it every other day at most, and normally just use water cos I want more texture. So maybe the weekly one?


紅尾伯勞雌鳥 by 賞景者 Jeff Lin on Flickr.

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Lightened my hair and so now I feel really quite yellow. Hopefully will be silver (as soon as I find someone to help me make sure the back doesn’t go all crap and patchy!)

Anonymous asked: what the heck man? That's totally not cool. You guys seemed to be getting on great, what's his problem? Sending out major love and hugs to you Holly! x

Oh man this is from ages ago! We’re getting there now. It was a weird time for us both I think. Fringe is a really fucked up time of year if you are doing anything other than being a punter. Thanks for the kind words though pal! xx

Anonymous asked: I don't want to intrude on your relationship problems but I just want to offer some friendly advice (which you probably already know). In my past relationships, I've found that spending too much time together is just as bad as not spending enough time together. Relationships are all about communication, you guys need to talk and talk and talk, really listen, digest the problems and resolve it. Hope you're well Holly, keep your chin up darlin!

Hey hey pal, so sorry, this has been sitting in my inbox for ages. It’s all got a bit much for me and I’ve sort of kept clear of tumblr for a bit. Thanks very much for this! I think you are right, everything worthwhile takes effort and compromise. Much love xxx

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